Buying a firearm on the internet? 

Let 2nd Amendment Armory help you with the transfer. We are listed with most of the big internet dealers and are selectable from their sites. We are also a preferred Davidsons "Gallery of Guns" dealer.
Our Fees:
$25 if the item is coming from a licensed dealer or manufacturer.
$45 if the item is coming from an individual, $20 for each additional if picked up same day.

Won an auction?
Supply us with the selling dealer’s name and email address. Include your name and phone number with the gun description and auction number.

E-mail the information to the address above or call us. We collect our fee when your gun arrives.

Important Note: The shop receiving your transfer should never collect sales tax on the purchase price of your firearm. In the event that Internet Sales Tax legislation passes, you will pay sales tax at the time of purchase, not at pickup. NEVER PAY SALES TAX WHEN PICKING UP A TRANSFER! They are STEALING from you.